Backup Quiz Round 1

This is a round I put together as a backup for someone else’s quiz a little while ago, this first round was a sports based round. Normally I don’t do too many sports rounds as I don’t have a huge amount of knowledge in that field, but when I do put a round in I use it as an opportunity to learn something new. With any luck some of you might learn something new from this one.

Question 1: Which Formula One World Champion has the unenviable record of being the driver with the fastest ever penalty in his career, after he earned a $1000 fine for speeding in the pitlane after only 6 seconds?
Sebastian Vettel

Question 2: Highland games are events held in spring and summer originally in Scotland and now all over the world, but which country has the largest number of events?
U.S.A. (59 Events inc Hawaii), 2nd place is Canada with 42.

Question 3: On only 3 occasions have the Olympic Games have been held in the Southern Hemisphere, name the countries they have been held in. 1 Point for Each correct answer.
Brazil (2018), Australia (1956, 2000)

Question 4: What do Hoof Hearted, Muff Diver, Who Gives a Donald, Big Tits, Brigadier Gerard, and Another Horse all have in common?
They are all names of Racehorses

Question 5: What is the minimum length of a cue in Snooker?
3ft (914mm)

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