Quick Quiz Round 2

This is the second round of my quick quiz. I was stuck for ideas so I just went for a General Knowledge round, that’s just a quizmaster way of saying “I didn’t know what to do, so I just threw together a bunch of random questions”. Which incidently is how this round materialised. This should be relatively straightforward round with any luck.

Question 1: On the London Tube Map which line is represented by a black line?
The Northern Line

Question 2: The famous video sharing website Youtube launched in which year? Bonus points for the name of the first video.
2005, and “Me at the zoo” uploaded on April 23, 2005

Question 3: What was the name of the first dog in space?

Question 4: What is the name of Postman Pat’s sidekick?
Jess The Cat

Question 5: What was East Germany’s official name?
German Democratic Republic

Again for this quick quiz I’ve lost the sources on this one, sorry!