British Comedy Quiz Round 6

British Comedy Quiz Round 6

This was the last round of my British Comedy Quiz, a classic round of any pub quiz, a picture round! In tradition in my local pub we hand the picture round out at the begining of the evening to give the teams as long as possible to think of all the answers. In this round I went and found 10 photos of British Comedy Characters, some well known, others not quite as well known.

British Comedy Quiz Picture Round - Name The Comedy Characters
10 Images of British Comedy Characters, can you name them?


1. Arnold Judas Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
2. Manuel (Fawlty Towers)
3. Captain George Mainwaring (Dad’s Army)
4. Father Jack Hackett (Father Ted)
5. Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries (Are You Being Served)
6. Captain Edmund Blackadder (Blackadder Goes Forth)
7. Alan Gordon Partridge (I’m Alan Partridge)
8. Maurice Moss (The IT Crowd)
9. The Fat Sweaty Coppers (The Fast Show)
10. Bernard Black (Black Books)
British Comedy Quiz Round 5

British Comedy Quiz Round 5

This is the penultimate round of my British Comedy Quiz, I chose a different and in my opinion underappreciated medium for the focus on this round, radio. This round focuses on the multitude of radio comedy shows which have come from the BBC over the years. The BBC put out a fantastic array of radio comedy shows and I think many are overlooked or only get attention when they are picked up and the format converted for TV. As this was a bit more of a challenging round for some of the clientele of the pub, I went for a slightly easier round. See how you do on this.

Question 1: Which Radio Show is famous for having a round with rules which are made up and change every single week depending on location where the aim is to end up at Mornington Crescent Tube Station.
I’m Sorry I haven’t a clue

Question 2: Everyone knows Dad’s Army as a TV show, but it was also a radio show with the same plots and stories, but which came first? Radio show or TV Show?
TV Show (July 1968 was the first TV Broadcast and January 1974 was the first Radio Broadcast)

Question 3: Which comedian who hosted his own Radio show and podcast is famous for his one liners and puns and is the brother of a Radio 2 DJ?
Tim Vine (Brother of Jeremy Vine)

Question 4: The Radio show “The Unbelievable Truth” Where contestants must write a lecture to smuggle truths past a panel in a lecture without the truths being spotted is hosted by which half of a double act?
David Mitchell (Mitchell and Webb)

Question 5: Question 5. Which Left wing comedian is known for their Radio programme where they travel to small towns in the UK and take the piss out of the locals.
Mark Steel’s in Town

No sources listed I’m afraid, but feel free to take a look at the BBC’s array of radio shows and you might find something you’ll enjoy, I can wholeheartedly recommend The Unbelievable Truth currently broadcasting it’s 25th series!

British Comedy Quiz Round 4

British Comedy Quiz Round 4

This next round of my British Comedy Quiz focused on TV Shows, of course there have been many TV shows from every decade of TV to choose from, but knowing the audience in the pub I went for TV shows I had heard discussed in the pub and which I knew were popular. One of the key things about this round is that there is a trick question in there somewhere, all of the quizzes which the regular quiz master would write would open with the line.

In tonight’s quiz there may be one more or fewer trick questions, you don’t get any extra points for spotting it, but you don’t loose a point if you get it right.

Often there were no trick questions at all and it was just chucked in to put you off your stride and make you second guess everything. So as the regular quiz master was taking part in the quiz this week, I thought I would give him a chance to have a go at my trick question. I can’t remember any more if he fell for it, but many people did!

Question 1: Which BAFTA award winning Comedienne created and wrote the TV Show Dinnerladies? (1998-2000)
Victoria Wood

Question 2: In Blackadder the Third, Blackadder (played by Rowan Atkinson) tries to convince his mad Scottish cousin MacAdder to take his place in a Duel with the Duke of Wellington (played by Stephen Fry) but who played the Mad Scotsman MacAdder?
Rowan Atkinson. Yes, this was the trick question!

Question 3: The cast of which show took part in University Challenge as Scumbag College? In an episode which involved racing to catch a train accompanied by The Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
The Young Ones

Question 4: In the famous Two Ronnies sketch, Ronnie Corbett keeps handing over candles but what was Ronnie Barker trying to buy?
Fork Handles

Question 5: What is the proper name for the piece of music used for Monty Python’s Flying circus as the theme tune?
The Liberty Bell (a March by John Philip Souza)

Sorry, no sources for this round either.

British Comedy Quiz Round 2

British Comedy Quiz Round 2

This is the second round of my British Comedy quiz focusing on Panel Shows. British comedy has a multitude of panel shows to choose from, but for simplicity I kept it relatively simple and stuck to the most popular ones. (Or at least the most popular ones from the clientele of the pub) See how well you do. Just like last time, hover over the blanked out bits for the answers.

Question 1: QI was originally hosted by Stephen Fry, before being replaced by Sandi Toksvig in 2016, but what does QI stand for
Quite Interesting

Question 2: Which Panel Show first broadcast in 2005 has a name taken from a well known advertising tagline?
8 Out of 10 Cats (Whiskas cat food claim that 8 of out 10 cats prefer Whiskas)

Question 3: Which Panel Show is hosted by Jimmy Carr and is usualy broadcast in the last week of the year or the first week of the new year?
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Question 4: Who was the original host of the radio comedy show where contestants must speak on a given subject for 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition, or deviation?
Nicholas Parsons (Just a Minute)

Question 5: Frank Skinner hosts a show where guests can banish their top peeve, annoyance, irritation or worst nightmare, but who wrote the novel the show took its name from?
George Orwell (Nineteen Eighty-Four is the book referenced by the show) (Room 101 is the name of the show)

Sorry, again no sources for this round. But I’m sure Google can help you out!

British Comedy Quiz Round 1

British Comedy Quiz Round 1

This is one of first quizzes I wrote for my old local many moons ago. While they were uncommon back then, themed quizzes have definitely become more popular since then, back then I decided to go for a themed quiz just because I could. The theme I chose was British Comedy, I included rounds on Stand Up comedy, Panel shows, Price Phillip, TV and Radio shows, and a picture round where you had to guess the characters name. Thankfully it was a big hit and I’ve not looked back since. Without further ado, here is the first round, to see the answers just hover over the hidden answer and it should appear.

Question 1: Question 1. Which British Stand up Comedian got into hot water in 2008 by describing British Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Adlington as “someone who’s looking at themselves in the back of a spoon”?
Frankie Boyle

Question 2: Question 2. Which two comedians caused a massive row also in 2008 after leaving messages on Andrew Sach’s voicemail live on air during a radio show?
Russell Brand, Jonathon Ross

Question 3: Question 3. Who turned to comedy after a divorce in 2004, using material from their failed marriage as part of their act. They went on to win the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Best Newcomer award in 2008?
Sarah Millican

Question 4: Question 4. Which popular stand up comedian has gone on to become an established actor with roles in Hollywood films such as “The Fifth Element” (1997), “Mouse Hunt” (1997) and “There’s something about Mary” (1998) among others?
Lee Evans

Question 5: Question 5. Which comedian is best known for creating Channel 4’s “Bo’ Selecta!” and for his character Keith Lemon?
Leigh Francis

Unfortunately on this quiz I didn’t include any sources, but I’m sure if you do a bit of searching you will find the same ones.