Backup Quiz Round 4

Backup Quiz Round 4

Quite honestly, this is not the best round I ever wrote, I had an idea to take my Prince Philip fill in the blanks questions and modify it for politicians. On a side note, politics really should be kept away from pub quizzes in general, its fine to ask who was prime minister on a date, or who came before or after, but don’t go much further into politics because it will get messy. Because I wrote this in a hurry I didn’t read through it as well as I could have and so I have ended up with a fairly easy round as there are only certain things which can go in certain gaps. It may work better at the end of your quiz perhaps, but I wouldn’t recommend using it, treat this as an example of what not to do!

Below I have five quotes or well known statements from politicians and at the bottom I have a few words to fill the gaps with, all you have to do is to fill the gaps in the quote with the correct words.

Question 1: At a Press Conference in April 2003 how did Tony Blair end the following statement “Before people crow about the absence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, I suggest they *Blank*.”?

Question 2: In her speech declaring her bid to become leader of the Conservative Party in 2016 Teresa May said; “You can judge me by my *Blank*!”

Question 3: During the 2005 General Election Boris Johnson went onto BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs and said “Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a *Blank*!”

Question 4: Gordon Brown was famously caught on microphone complaining to an aide after meeting Labour Voter Gillian Duffy in 2010, how did he describe her?

Question 5: After Boris Johnson assumed the post of Prime Minister in 2019 Caroline Lucas went on Twitter and said “At a moment when we need a leader with courage and integrity, we get a *Blank*”

Here are the bits to fill in the gaps with

  1. *Record*
  2. *Bigoted*
  3. *pompous clown*
  4. *Wait a bit*
  5. *BMW M3*


Question 1 – D
Question 2 – A
Question 3 – E
Question 4 – B
Question 5 – C

I didn’t make any notes of sources for this round, but I’m certain that I used wikiquote for this round.

Alehouse Quiz Round 4

Alehouse Quiz Round 4

Connection rounds are great fun, they can be an opportunity to confuse your teams right up to the point when they finally see the light as a bunch of seemingly unconnected things all become linked together. For this round a bit of knowledge of myths and legends might come in handy.

Question 1: A Knucker once terrified Arundel until it was outwitted by either a knight or a local farmer’s boy, depending on who you listen to, before it met its end. But what was the Knucker?
A Dragon

Question 2: What is featured on the airborne forces patch of the Parachute Regiment, worn on the sleeve and commemorating one of their most famous actions which took place on D-Day? It is considered an emblem of the Parachute Regiment.

Question 3: In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Buckbeak was sentenced to death, when he attacked Draco Malfoy after being taunted and provoked. But what was Buckbeak?
1950’s (Nov 2nd 1959)

Question 4: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was famous for creating Sherlock Holmes and his deductive reasoning, but he was seriously lacking in this department when he fervently argued that these existed after being presented a photo of them taken by two young girls in 1917?

Question 5: Scott Tracey piloted one of these in this eponymous TV show?

Connection: They are all flying mythical beasts

I didn’t make any notes of sources for this round either, but if anyone needs a source for Question 5 then you really didn’t watch the right kids TV when you were younger. As for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, yes he was famous for creating what many people consider to be the most rational example of the detective in fiction, but at the same time he held beliefs which seem quite mad by today’s standards. The Knucker from question 1 is an old Sussex Folk Tale which provides some entertainment and you can read up more about it here.

British Comedy Quiz Round 4

British Comedy Quiz Round 4

This next round of my British Comedy Quiz focused on TV Shows, of course there have been many TV shows from every decade of TV to choose from, but knowing the audience in the pub I went for TV shows I had heard discussed in the pub and which I knew were popular. One of the key things about this round is that there is a trick question in there somewhere, all of the quizzes which the regular quiz master would write would open with the line.

In tonight’s quiz there may be one more or fewer trick questions, you don’t get any extra points for spotting it, but you don’t loose a point if you get it right.

Often there were no trick questions at all and it was just chucked in to put you off your stride and make you second guess everything. So as the regular quiz master was taking part in the quiz this week, I thought I would give him a chance to have a go at my trick question. I can’t remember any more if he fell for it, but many people did!

Question 1: Which BAFTA award winning Comedienne created and wrote the TV Show Dinnerladies? (1998-2000)
Victoria Wood

Question 2: In Blackadder the Third, Blackadder (played by Rowan Atkinson) tries to convince his mad Scottish cousin MacAdder to take his place in a Duel with the Duke of Wellington (played by Stephen Fry) but who played the Mad Scotsman MacAdder?
Rowan Atkinson. Yes, this was the trick question!

Question 3: The cast of which show took part in University Challenge as Scumbag College? In an episode which involved racing to catch a train accompanied by The Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
The Young Ones

Question 4: In the famous Two Ronnies sketch, Ronnie Corbett keeps handing over candles but what was Ronnie Barker trying to buy?
Fork Handles

Question 5: What is the proper name for the piece of music used for Monty Python’s Flying circus as the theme tune?
The Liberty Bell (a March by John Philip Souza)

Sorry, no sources for this round either.