Backup Quiz Round 3

Backup Quiz Round 3

This is the third round for the backup quiz I wrote for a friend. This round was a little unusual in that I had an idea for a round but couldn’t get it to fall together in a way I liked, so instead I wrote a quick last minute round which just went along the theme of “The World’s Biggest” things. See how you do at it.

Question 1: Which is the largest salt water lake in the world?
The Caspian Sea (371,000 km2)

Question 2: The World’s Largest mine is used to mine Lignite (or brown coal) and covers an area of over 182 miles, but where in the world is it?

Question 3: Where would you find the world’s largest beer can?
The Grand Hotel in Cobar, New South Wales, Australia

Question 4: What is the world’s longest underwater tunnel?
Chanel Tunnel

Question 5: By definition a Satellite is an object which revolves around another object, what is Earth’s largest satellite?
The Moon

The only sources for the round which I made a note of are the following ones:

Question 2:

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Backup Quiz Round 2

Backup Quiz Round 2

This is the second round I put together as a backup quiz for a friend of mine. This round is another of the pub quiz staples, Geography. Sooner or later you will get a Geography round and it is bound to get a moan from some people around the room, but personally I enjoy them. As always, you can never please everybody. This is a relatively straightforward quiz with a local question thrown in for the fun of it. I would expect 4 out of 5 is a very do-able score for this round.

Question 1: Which is the longest river in Europe?
The River Volga at 3,690 km (2,290 mi), The River Danube is in 2nd place at 2,860 km (1,780 mi)

Question 2: Situated in Italy, what is Stromboli?
A Volcano

Question 3: Is the tropic of Cancer in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere?
Northern Hemisphere

Question 4: In Sussex, which is further North, Upper Dicker or Lower Dicker?
Lower Dicker

Question 5: Which mountain range straddles Morocco and Algeria?
Atlas Mountains

I didn’t list any sources for this round again, but it should be easy to discover. For Upper and Lower Dicker I just looked at a map, if you don’t happen to have a map of Sussex to hand, then Open Street Map should be able to help.

Backup Quiz Round 1

Backup Quiz Round 1

This is a round I put together as a backup for someone else’s quiz a little while ago, this first round was a sports based round. Normally I don’t do too many sports rounds as I don’t have a huge amount of knowledge in that field, but when I do put a round in I use it as an opportunity to learn something new. With any luck some of you might learn something new from this one.

Question 1: Which Formula One World Champion has the unenviable record of being the driver with the fastest ever penalty in his career, after he earned a $1000 fine for speeding in the pitlane after only 6 seconds?
Sebastian Vettel

Question 2: Highland games are events held in spring and summer originally in Scotland and now all over the world, but which country has the largest number of events?
U.S.A. (59 Events inc Hawaii), 2nd place is Canada with 42.

Question 3: On only 3 occasions have the Olympic Games have been held in the Southern Hemisphere, name the countries they have been held in. 1 Point for Each correct answer.
Brazil (2018), Australia (1956, 2000)

Question 4: What do Hoof Hearted, Muff Diver, Who Gives a Donald, Big Tits, Brigadier Gerard, and Another Horse all have in common?
They are all names of Racehorses

Question 5: What is the minimum length of a cue in Snooker?
3ft (914mm)

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