Backup Quiz Round 3

This is the third round for the backup quiz I wrote for a friend. This round was a little unusual in that I had an idea for a round but couldn’t get it to fall together in a way I liked, so instead I wrote a quick last minute round which just went along the theme of “The World’s Biggest” things. See how you do at it.

Question 1: Which is the largest salt water lake in the world?
The Caspian Sea (371,000 km2)

Question 2: The World’s Largest mine is used to mine Lignite (or brown coal) and covers an area of over 182 miles, but where in the world is it?

Question 3: Where would you find the world’s largest beer can?
The Grand Hotel in Cobar, New South Wales, Australia

Question 4: What is the world’s longest underwater tunnel?
Chanel Tunnel

Question 5: By definition a Satellite is an object which revolves around another object, what is Earth’s largest satellite?
The Moon

The only sources for the round which I made a note of are the following ones:

Question 2:

Question 3: