Chichester Twitten

This is a photo from last year from what turned out to be the last day before the country locked down under the stay at home orders for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic. I ended up in Chichester as I needed to buy a few bits from shops which aren’t in my local high street and as the weather was so nice I took my camera with me. I haven’t spent much time in Chichester for a good few years and I think it is underrated and overlooked in favour of Brighton and Portsmouth either side. I enjoyed a stroll around the city and took a few photos, this being one of the ones I liked of a Twitten.

A Twitten is a uniquely Sussex word (as I’ve mentioned in a quiz round or two) for the narrow alleys you find between walls or hedges, so this particular Twitten is an excellent example of one. Sussex has a wide variety of local vocabulary to delve into, with any luck I can dig out some photos and use them to explain what they might mean. If you want to have a browse in the meantime then visit where they have an archived version of the “Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect” which should give you plenty to browse through.

St Richard’s Walk is a small twitten at the back of Chichester Cathedral which gives leads into the cloisters, the way the flint walls frame the walk to the cathedral is very pleasing in the spring sunshine with blossom on the trees.